Pros & Cons of Bowie Knives

On one of our first posts, we mentioned that Bowie knives are typically used for hunting, survival, and defense/combat, and you recently learned that Bowie knives have a clip point blade. To supplement the information you already know, here’s a bit more about clip point blades and their pros and cons.   Knowing the pros … Continue reading

What is the difference between a Bowie blade and a clip point?

The words “Bowie” and “clip point” often seem to be used interchangeably. Has this confused any of you? Have you wondered if they actually mean the same thing? I felt like I understood these words for the most part, but I couldn’t really articulate the difference between them. So, I did some digging, and here’s … Continue reading

Brous Blades

The majority of the Bowie blades on this blog have been pretty traditional-looking, in my opinion. So, it’s time to change things up a bit with Brous Blades. Jason Brous, the face behind Brous Blades, started his knife-making journey with 10 years of CNC machining experience behind him, which is probably one of the reasons … Continue reading

Bowie Knives: Ka-bar

One brand we’ve completely neglected to talk about on the bowie knives blog is Ka-bar, which is a shame because Ka-bar makes a mean Bowie. Here are some Ka-bar Bowies we carry at Blade HQ:   Ka-bar 1235 Marine Hunter (Leather-handled) The 1235 Marine Hunter is a classic bowie-style blade, and as you can infer … Continue reading

TOPS Longhorn Bowie

We touched on some of the TOPS bowie blades that are out there in an earlier post, but there are still more awesome TOPS knives we haven’t touched on yet. The TOPS Longhorn is one such knife.     TOPS knives are made by people with first-hand knowledge and experiences in military, law enforcement, the … Continue reading

Svord Bowies

A brand you might not have heard of, but that makes good knives nonetheless, is Svord. One of their most well-known knives is the Peasant. Svord also makes some pretty solid-looking bowie knives though. Svord knives are made by New Zealander Bryan Baker, who started the business when he was 18. His knives are handmade, … Continue reading