Grindworx, New Supplier Of The Best Bowie Knives!

Your original go-to bowie knife retailer, Bladeplay, has rebranded to Grindworx. Nothing has changed with the selection and value of bowie knives with the rebrand. In fact, the Grindworx site is more simple to use and has the same, expanding, collection of bowie knives found on bladeplay.


Bladeplay has been the haven for bowie knife lovers since 2003 and has flawlessly provided fans with a variety of knife styles, affordable prices, and fast shipping. Grindworx, previously its own damascus tools retailer, was able to merge with Bladeplay with complete synergy given its current line of tools complementing Bladeplay’s line of affordable knives. As a single brand, Grindworx is able to provide you with the best bowie knives.

The Grindworx Bowie Knife Selection

We know a good bowie knife isn’t cheap, but at Grindworx you can find a wide selection for an affordable price. Here are some of the popular bowie knives you can find on Grindworx:

United Cutlery M48 Combat Bowie Knife


Rough Rider Coffin Bowie Black Micarta Fixed Blade Knife

Rough Rider Coffin Bowie Black Micarta Fixed Blade Knife

Frost Cutlery Chipaway Bowie Wood Fixed Blade Knife W/Sheath

Frost Cutlery Chipaway Bowie Wood Fixed Blade Knife W/Sheath

Found a bowie knife on Bladeplay? Well we guarantee it’s on Grindworx!

Throwing Bowies

As I was looking through the comments on different posts, one particular comment about a set of bowie throwing knives caught my attention. I figured there’s probably more than one person looking for a good set of bowie throwing knives, so I did a little digging and found a couple of sets at Blade HQ. … Continue reading

Bowie Lovers: Try a SOG Bowie Knife

When a lot of people think of the shape of a knife, a lot of people refer to the blade of either a kitchen knife or a Bowie style blade. Personally, I am a pretty big fan of the Bowie style blade. Next time you are in the market, there are a few bowie knives that I highly suggest you take a look at. I recommend SOG.

SOG Aura Seal Bowie Knife at

Here we have the Aura SEAL by SOG. A few unique cosmetics I quickly realized about this knife is the serrations. You don’t often see a Bowie blade with serrations. The handle is really unique in ergonomics. A lot of the time where you see a blade with this shape, you will find that the handle has a block look to it. Along with the blade and handle, this knife has some pretty well-placed jimping for thumb traction. Not only does this knife look good and feel great in your hand, but it is features a handle that stores a carbide sharpener for field sharpening.



SOG Tech Bowie Knife at

This is a classic style Bowie knife! The SOG Tech Bowie Fixed Blade not only does it look great, it is made from quality materials. All of the medal on this is stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about it rusting. As for the blade, it comes with an AUS 8 mirror polish. The tip of the knife is faceted (a SOG signature) just to top off all of the looks and quality. The handle is Kraton rubber providing a very firm grip no matter how wet it might get. If you want a good all-around Bowie knife, I suggest picking one of these up!




SOG Recon Bowie 2.0 Fixed Blade Knife at BladeHQ.comThe SOG Recon Bowie 2.0. The original Recon was the developed by SOG personnel in the Vietnam War. They are extremely experienced in close-quarter combat. This is a classic design updated with modern materials like stainless steel and rubber handles. The AUS 8 steel blade is TiNi coated so you can put some good use out of the knife without the coating coming off. The Recon 2.0 is one of the best Bowie blades on the market today.



SOG Trident 2.0 Fixed Blade at


The Trident 2.0 SOG Bowie Fixed Blade is a top notch design with AUS 8 stainless steel. SOG was shooting for the spirit of our most capable special forces unit, the Navy SEALs. I think that they did an exceptional job designing this blade. The handle is made of stacked Micarta with inter spaced white washers that provide the perfect SOG look. This knife is the “total package” when it comes to Bowie style blades.



Obviously, SOG has some very innovative designs that are a must when it comes to a high quality fixed Bowie blade. These use great materials and feel even better in your hand. Next time you are in the market, remember to check these out!

The Birth of the Bowie Knife

James Bowie as rendered by Texan Artist Mark BarnettCol. James Bowie’s knife, the inventor of the Bowie Knife, is lauded for its ingenious design and usability. The bowie knife is a knife full of tradition and history. This famed knife has a huge following more than 170 years after it was invented. You think the knife is famous now, the Bowie knife had accounts written of him and his knife 50 years or so after his death, in awe with the power of his knife.  You can find out more James Bowie in the article (below) I found on

Reports Tell of Supremacy of Bowie knife

You can find great deals on bowie knives at!


What are Bowie Knives used for?

Bowie knives can be large and menacing. However you decide to use a bowie knife, you will be impressed with its cutting power and strength. Bowie knives come in blades lengths between 6 inches and 24 inches. One may ask, “When or where would I use a Bowie Knife?”  Let’s take a look at a few possible uses for a Bowie knife.


 The bowie knife has always been a favorite among hunters as the blade length gives the hunter a lot of cutting power for skinning and cleaning. The comfortable grip handle gives the handler the dexerity needed to attack those awkward places on a kill.

SOG Bowie 2.0 Fixed Blade Combat Knife (Black PLN) S1T


 If you are looking for a large knife that will leave your attacker questioning his decision to harm you. This is it! Nobody wants to get stabbed with a 12 inch blade. Nobody! Remember that with any weapon, please go through thea proper training to avoid  unwanted injury to yourself or others.

Ka-Bar Becker Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife (Black PLN) BK9


Again the number of uses the Bowie knife has to offer are innumerable. In a survival situation, food and shelter are an absolute must have. If you have a Bowie knife your options for food grow quite broad as you can hunt using this knife then precede to skin and clean your kill with it. If you need a shelter, you can make one by cutting sticks and brush to construct yourself a livable dwelling—created with the use of your Bowie knife. There are many Bowie knives that actually have a saw or heavy serrations on the back spine of the blade that allow you to use it as a multi-function knife. A side note: The United States Army issued these serrated bowie knives to their helicoptor pilots during the Vietnam War in case they need to cut through the acrylic glass canopy of a downed aircraft.


If you’re hunting, going tactical or even just collecting, Bowie knives have an unspoken elegance that draws knife lovers to them. They bring beauty and class to the knife world.

Iconic Bowie Knives in Films

There are many films that depict American bowie knives. Here are just a few of them.

Rambo I-IV

This popular film series was famous for the bowie knives that Rambo, (Sylvester Stallone) carried and used throughout the Saga. Rambo’s bowie knife was depicted as a knife that could do it all. Below are some pictures of Rambo cutting through wire with the large bowie.

There are possibly no more iconic bowie knives in any film than the knives that Rambo carried. Each film in the series featured a slightly different bowie knife, but they are all similar.





Crocodile Dundee 

In this classic 1986 film Crocodile Dundee, (Paul Hogan) Pulls out his rather large Bowie knife on an unsuspecting New York Mugger. He then Declares That’s not a knife… That’s a knife. This epic phrase is well known in the world of knives. Chances are, you are even thinking this phrase in his cool Australian accent.






Commando is a 1985 American action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this film Arnold brought a Bowie knife to a gun fight and won!

The Alamo

Col. Davy Crockett (played by John Wayne) admires a Bowie knife in this classic 1960 film.

Cowboys & Aliens

This is the Stegel bowie knife that Harrison Ford uses in the movie.

The Expendables

Again Sylvester Stallone uses a Bowie knife in this movie.

The list of movies featuring Bowie knives is so vast not all of them could be posted here. The Bowie knife continues to be one of Americas favorite knives for any task.