Condor Bowie Fixed Blade Knives

Condor has been around since 1787, and the company makes some sweet-looking blades. Condor makes some traditional-style Bowie knives, but it also makes some slightly smaller, but still traditional, Bowie knives. Here are a few Bowie knives the company makes:


This is one of the most traditional Bowie knives Condor makes as far as size and style goes:


This is the Dundee. It’s got a 11-inch-long blade and it’s 17.56 inches long overall—this knife is not for the faint-hearted. It’s pretty intense, and it’s one you can feel pretty hardcore while wielding. The blade is made of 1075 carbon and the handle is made of high-impact polypropylene.


Condor Jungle Bowie 2


This Bowie is perhaps less traditional than the Dundee you see above. It’s the Jungle Bowie 2. I really like this knife, though, because it has your classic Bowie blade with a more manageable handle size. The blade is 6.31 inches long, and the overall length on this knife is 11.375. So if you want the classic Bowie look with a blade that isn’t 18 inches long overall, this Jungle Bowie is the perfect solution.


Condor Jungle Bowie Machete


This Bowie is a pretty good size (15.75 inches long overall), but it has a handle you don’t often see on a Bowie. The handle is made of Santoprene, and the knife weighs 13 ounces overall.


If you don’t have any Condor knives in your collection, add a Condor to it today! Get yours at Blade HQ, and be sure to browse through our great selection of other Bowie knives.



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